Saturday, October 2, 2010

my love story

When I met him, I knew that I wanted to be with someone like him. I didn’t think it actually would be him. Jokingly, my friends and I would refer to KC as my “husband.” Little did I know.

He was strong. He was convicted. He was different. And full of passion. I loved that about him. When things started to work out for us, he was all those things. He was broken but he trusted. He had a deep faith in a whole God. He wanted nothing more than that, first.

This same man is before me today. I admire him more this day than even then, in all of our pre-marital bliss (and we did enjoy premarital bliss). He still is strong. He still is convicted. He still is different. And he still is full of passion. And I still love this about him. He has always led the way in putting Jesus Christ before all things. I have never felt such love for another human being for being a human being. After years of marriage, I have been privledged to be with a man, and in my view, he’s the way that God intended a man to be: destined for greatness. I believe this so strongly that I would walk the ends of the earth beside him. He has won me. And I am his.

And here we are together. I feel such a partnership and connection in our journey together. For it truly is a journey. We have bled. We have cried. We have sinned. But we have forgiven. And we have, and we do, love. much.


Anonymous said...

Stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I see those same qualities in him, and you are the right woman to walk to the ends of the earth with him! Blessings, Linda B.

Jessica said...

Your words are as lovely as your photography! Thank you for sharing this ker. Love and miss you guys
Sister Lawson

Officer said...

loved reading this. Glad you guys went on that first date because I was a prospective student that evening sleeping in your dorm room on the ground and couldn't sleep. You came in late from your date and stayed up talking with me. I was about to leave and drive the three hrs home but you stopped me with your kindness. Thanks KC for taking her out that night! ;) You two are absolutely lovely!

AZChelsea said...

said so are both so blessed to have each other.

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