Monday, November 22, 2010

Music to my heart

Our Colson Christopher boy is feeling better. He's feeling much better. And because he's feeling better, we. are. all. feeling great. Thank you, Dear Lord, for helping and healing. It really was a scary ordeal for me, and I'm thankful the brunt of it is behind us, Lord willing.

Today I was so filled with joy that we dance partied way too much and i laughed a giggled with my children like I was one of them. I wasn't even frustrated when I found Colson trying to lasso his sister. In fact, i wanted to squeeze and kiss him and stuff him so full of affection he probably is creeped out by it all.

I learned a lot about myself when Colson was sick. I learned about the loco mama bear that dwells inside somewhere! EEEEkkkkk. Hope she doesn't pop up again anytime soon. She would have done ANYTHING to take the pain away and she was very frustrated that there was nothing in front of her.

Enough about that; thank you for your prayers. Truly. I'm feeling such cheer and joy today that i could just float up to the sky.

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Jessica said...

Floating to the sky w/ you! That's wonderful news!! Very relieved to hear he's back to his old self again. joy!!!!!

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