Friday, September 9, 2011

I have been missing this blog lately.  I miss the slow-it-down time that is involved in thinking about what's going on and the picture posting - documentary style.  It appears that I have internet schizophrenia between blogger here and my newish tumblr account. I guess that I'll hold on to both. Depending on what varying situation allows or doesn't allow me to be sitting in front of a computer. my Tumblr allows me to use my iphone to quickly post a pic here and there. It's quite handy. When I can sit down in front of a computer, however, I prefer to be able to get on the ol' blog with all of its history. Because instances of sitting down in front a computer seem to be few and far between these days, we''ll just have to see...

God is kind, and I am blessed, and I feel that this summer has been fruitful.  I have been able to think a lot about God and my calling as a mama and my kids in particular.   Not a lot is coming out yet, but a lot has gone in, and I'm still processing.  I haven't written about our educational adventures here, but we're homeschooling Colson this year and and we're involved with a great little classical Christian program called Classical Conversations, of which I am extremely grateful.  Maybe more on that later.

The days tick by so quickly.  As I look around at my babies I'm finding that we are out of one phase and into the next lickity-split.  Colson is now 6!  What a big guy.  Being his mother has taught me so much about what it means to be a Christian.  Lewis is now a little boy, friend to Colson and big brother to Caroline.  and Caroline.  :)  that little person that brings instant joy to my heart.  Thank you God.  She is going on 2 this fall.  two!  Two is not baby.

Well, lastly I wanted to post a few portraits of these gifts that have taught me what it means to be a servant and to cheerfully give my life away.  Their "fat souls" make every sacrifice so worth it.








Elisabeth said...

I have a tumblr and a blog for that exact reason. Your kids are so precious, I can't wait to see them this Christmas. Also - THAT IS A GIANT FROG!

christy said...

When I showed Chris a picture of Colson, he said "That is not Colson! How is he that big?"
Lewis looks like his daddy now that he is looking his baby face!
I want to smooch Caroline's cheeks.

Well done my friend!

lyndsey said...

Glad to have you back. And what great pictures. Miss you friend!

KeriAnn said...

Elisabeth, Can't wait to have you all here for Christmas too.

Christy, I know, Lewis does look like KC, I think.

Lyndsey, thanks, good to be back.

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