Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I love this quote from Sam near the end of The Two Towers.
"You fool, he isn't dead, and your heart knew it. Don't trust your head, Samwise, it is not the best part of you."

A Lesson in Aesthetics

Tractors and fire trucks and choo choos and books: Every day my life is steeped in adventures of little boy. Full of mischief and activity. Forts and tunnels. Singing and chasing, kisses and swords. Playing ball and eating cookies. Discovering dizzy and leaping from heights into my safe arms. Giggling and tickling, tackling and hiding. Storytelling and imagination. I feel as though I’m being pulled into a little-boy-wonderland as I experience childhood through the life and play of this little boy.

Now, as I end this post in order to tackle the ever-growing mound of laundry, how can I transfer this spirit of playfulness, this joy and aesthetics into the daily tasks of doing? For this is the goal of my life: service to God acheieved in playfullness and obedience, and done in a way that takes captive all my senses and yeilds them in this kind of living...this kind of full-of-life living! Spirit of God, help me to sense the world in a way only one indwelt by you can.

Things Made New

I've decided to break off and start my own blogging adventure....with no promises to be: 1). entertaining , or 2). faithful.

This decision has come because KC has dropped the blogging ball and I didn't want to continue posting (as sparse as it is) as the "paper boy".

So hence, here shall lie the musings of my life as God has called me to it.

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