Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Colson Quotes

Colson: I'm hungry. Would you please be so kind as to give me something to eat?

Me: No. I'm sorry you are hungry and that you didn't eat enough at lunch.

C: I forgive you. [insert pause] So then can I have something?

Me: Still, no.

Me: Colson, you may not take that knife from Lewis. (duh, it's plastic).

Colson: Lewis, may I have that knife? [Lewis turns away] Lewis, don't commit adultery. Don't steal. Lewis?

Colson: Hey Dad, if I were to cut off a bad guys legs with a sword, or a knife, then he wouldn't be able to get me.


Ode to that Morning Cup

24mm 2.8

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who needs an Apron?

If I didn't make this pie, it would be the first time in 4 years to not make a peach pie during peach season. The best way to eat fresh peaches is in a fresh homemade pie, and I look forward to it all year. Even if it was to be a family affair, I had to make at least one of them and when I saw all these pumpkins instead of peaches, I started to get the peach pie itch. Time was running out. But let me tell you, a fresh peach pie will cost you your asthetics when you are making it with a 4 year old boy. But I hope that the asthetics won't matter when I scoop out a piece and top it with vanilla ice cream. Is there any other way?

Thanks KC, for documenting our culinary adventure, and for those of you wanting to see the she is in all her glory, and topped with a dusting of flour. ha!

Peach Pie!  yes!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Autumn

**sidenote**It's true that my pregant self was sitting on this twirling monster while KC pushed us to get this shot. Not a small feat, considering the handfulls of kettle corn consumed moments earlier.

Do you see Colson's muddy hand in the photo? It's one of my favorite parts.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hard at Work; part II

That's it, pick the right tool.

coloring III

Yes, prior planning prevents poor performance. I've taught you well.

coloring II

Time to execute:


Lost in his work:

coloring IV

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Next Month...

I can officially now say I'm having this baby girl next month. Last night as KC and I shared our coveted evening moments alone we pondered the time. Never before have I been so busy from morning til night. But never before has this Christian walk been so simple and clear. My calling is right before me. I'm never wondering or asking God what His will for me is. It's right in front of me, every minute. There is not much time for much else to compete for the time it takes to take care of and nurture this little troop. But even thought it's so clear to me what I ought to be doing, never before have I felt more incapable and inadequate to fulfill the duties before me everyday.

I am daily striving to simply live out my calling as wife and mother with basic faithfulness to God.

And I love it; There is no place I'd rather be. No doubt, it's also the hardest thing I've ever been called to, but also, the most rewarding. I'm thankful that the time I'm spending on this earth is this rich. It's a story, and the drama, in the hands of the victorious King, makes me able to buckle in and get excited for the ride.

So bring on the baby. I can't wait to get my hands on her.


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