Wednesday, February 18, 2009

K.C. is on his way across the world, as I write. Pray for him. Pray for his safety and that he would be a blessing to those that hear him teach.

In the morning I'm leaving with the boys to be with my family while he's away. I miss the man terribly already. It doesn't help that everytime Colson and I pray for K.C., Colson says something like, "We neeeeed Daddy." or, "I want Daddy to come home." He usually says it with sad eyes too! Break my heart, will ya, child?

On the up side, when KC's gone:
*I don't cook, which means, dishes are minimal. (this also means we eat like I did in College. Some almonds here, some crackers there, some cottage cheese, sandwich meat, and raw fruits and veggies. oh, and for Colson, why not throw in some hot dogs?
*I watch Chick Flicks and buy Ben & Jerrys.
*I get to travel to Oregon to spend time with the fam.
*oh, and my brother and sister-in-law are having a baby! and I get to see them. YAY!
*My best friend is getting married. We get to hang out! And do wedding stuff!

But the bed seems awfully cold when he's not in it after I'm up with Lewis in the night. And dinner time seems extra lonely. Even Seinfeld episodes are not quite as funny without him. What can I say? He's a great man and we like having him around. In fact, let me tell you something that blessed my little heart a little while back.

I try to make our home a joy to enter when K.C. gets home from work. I try to consider the fact that he's been working his tail off all day (for his family), and the last thing he needs when he walks in the door is me unloading all my garbage at his feet before we can say hello. So, what that means is that I have Colson pick up all his toys, I tidy up, and I try to get dinner, at least, started, and I don't yack his ears off of his head with all my woes and frustrations and challenges.

Something I am learning as a woman, is that timing is so important, when communicating with my man. There is a time to unload the feelings-truck on your man's lap, but that time is not all the time (especially right when he's transitioning from employee to husband and father). I want to be able to greet him after a long day with a welcome and loving home, not a circus, (although, I will admit, it happens). K.C. coming home is such a grace in our home. Colson loves it because they can sword fight. I love it because he's such a kind man. Always helping me in the household, always attentive to our boys, always thankful for the work I do here at home, always thankful to be home, and always loving towards me. It's a grace. from God. I love it when K.C. comes home, and I want him to know. And by doing little things to make his entrance home smooth and a joy for him, I do a little extra to make it so.

So you can imagine how it struck me awhile back when I caught a glimpse through our kitchen window of K.C. running from our van after work to our front door. Literally, running. After being on his feet at work for 10 straight hours. And it dawned on me. He's almost always running when he's getting home. This blessed my heart! To know that home is a joy to him, a haven, a place where he can recharge, renew, and put up his hard-workin' feet, to know that after he's worked hard all day, he is running to get through that door to a family that is so happy to see him and hug him and thank him for working hard for us.

Here is a photo-tribute to my hard workin' man. He's so dashingly handsome:


And then there is this little monkey. He's turning 1 next month! I can hardly believe it. No. I won't believe it. Time goes too fast. He's such a treat to our family. He can now sign please for his food. It's a good thing because the boy can put it down! He ate half a P.B.&J. for lunch the other day and an entire piece of pizza for dinner! wow! Such a switch from his big brother.

Yeah, I like him...


Isn't my baby sweet?


And Colson, who introduced himself to a man the other day as, "Colson Christopher Rumrey Buzz Lightyear" is more lively than ever. He tried to convince me that since he's a superhero he doesn't need to be disciplined because Superhero's are good guys. What do you say to that? What did I say? "Superheros don't disobey their mamas. And if they do, they need to be disciplined, God says." :)


See the backpack hanging on the chair under his arm? He loves this thing (thanks Aunt Ali and Q.) It's constantly being filled with his "currents." Let me see, right now it's holding all of his storm trooper action figures. Go figure.

You wouldn't believe the loot I found in his pants pockets before I stuck them in the washing machine tonight. It was just as my mom (who raised 3 boys) had always told me: a flashlight, a box of matches (the stinker!), and a lone race car. Such a boy!

And what a smile. If he thinks he can charm his mama with this little face, he's right, although it won't keep him out of trouble. ha!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Age of Men

Today marks the dawn of a new era.

Colson was sitting with me reading a story about a young prince who saves the love of his life, the princess (of course), from a fierce and deadly dragon by cleaving his head. Mid-story we heard the oh-so-familiar roar of the coming garbage truck. I paused as I expected Colson to do what he does every time he hears this garbage truck: ditch me (or whatever he's doing) and run out the door to watch the garbage man do his thing with our apartment dumpster. Not only does he watch the garbage man, but he waves at him frantically and yells, "Hi Garbage Man!" This happens faithfully, twice a week. The garbage man waves back, just as faithful. They have a little relationship of this.

Today, however, as I paused and waited for my boy to jump off my lap, he didn't move. "What's that?" I asked. To which he coolly replied, "A garbage truck." He didn't budge. He didn't say another word. He was waiting for me to continue the story. And so I did.

Cars and Trucks were Colson's first tangible, material obsession: back when truck was pronounced "Kuck! Kuck! KUCK! KUCK!..etc...!" And he'd go on like that until you audibly acknowledged that he did indeed see a "Kuck." This obsession has continued on, but as of late has been slowly dying. Today seemed to officially mark the end of this fixation.

This story of heroism has been creeping in to his little brain and he can't get on without it anymore. What I would give to climb into his little brain for awhile and watch the story unfold in his little play-world imagination. He's a hero. He's a prince. He's a dragon slayer, a warrior. I have a feeling there will be no turning back.

This is Colson. The boy is on a mission.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I want to share with you these moments. They are just so precious to me. This little baby body is something to behold. It's such a joy for me to take the time to seal these images up in a photograph and not just a memory.

The beer-belly is my favorite part. :)

Wonderfully & Fearfully Made

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Colson Quotes +

Seek and You Shall Find

Colson: Thank you God for this food. Thank you God for my toys. Thank you God that I have a Light-Saber. Thank you God that I am a Jedi. Thank you God for Lewis' eyes, that he can see. Amen.

Me: Colson, good prayer!

Colson: You're welcome.


A couple months ago Colson was wanting me to rest in his bed at night with him and he'd say, "Will you rest with me, for just a minute?"

And then he started trying to convince me that I needed to sleep in his bed with him until finally I explained that I sleep in bed with Daddy and not him. And that some day when he's a hard-working man and loves a woman she can be his wife and she can sleep in his bed.

The other morning KC and I were sleeping in when Colson came into our room. He didn't see me right away among the blankets. "Where's Mommy, Daddy?" he asked.

"She's right here," KC answered.

"Are you Wife-ing her?"

(For the record: we were only cuddling.)

And thus, has become one of my very favorite Colson quotes. I love that he used the word "wife" not just as a noun, a state of being, but as a verb, an action. Husbands and wives need to act like husbands and wives, and God, by His grace, has given us this context to raise our boys.

KC, thanks for wife-ing me. I love you.

And here's some pictures because I like them.

Who can resist this cuteness?

I adore this relaxed portrait. I hardly ever notice his little eye that sometimes closes more than the other in real life, only in occasional photos.

Relaxed Portrait

Thursday, February 5, 2009

...Always Mother By...

I'll Be Your Guide

A Few Rules for Beginners
by Katherine Mansfield

Babies must not eat the coal
And they must not make grimaces,
Nor in party dresses roll
And must never black their faces.

They must learn that pointing’s rude,
They must sit quite still at table,
And must always eat the food
Put before them—if they’re able.

If they fall, they must not cry,
Though it’s known how painful this is;
No—there’s always Mother by
Who will comfort them with kisses.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Slump?

Sometimes, my inspiration for the blog falters...

But (for you Mom) why not post a pic? :)

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