Friday, June 12, 2009

A Story, A Birthday, Pictures, and Rambles


I wanted to take a break from my regular schedule of blogger absense to bring you a little taste of current Rumrey happenings...

Once upon a time there was a mommy that sometimes would spend time in public places running around (literally) with her now 4-year-old boy. First, they would search and carefully choose their weapon of choice. With sticks for guns, they were off, weaving and dogging, running, and bobbing around the park with their sticks, never a pulled trigger without homemade sound effects. With trees for dragons and bushes for monsters, together they slayed every ferocious beast in the park.

Their mission would end when they needed to go check on prince Lewis who was alseep in his royal crib. The prince would hop back into his chariot stroller and they would jog on home with smiles of victory.

Stories would be told to the Daddy King of the day's adventures, and the potential embarassment of being seen acting crazy in the public park would be worth the boy's overflowing cup.

And now, I'm ready to kick up my feet.

***Note: For those of you questioning my mothering instinct, the prince Lewis was not left in the house unattended.

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure (which is completely unrelated to the previous story)...

I have been wanting to get a pick like these of KC and the boys for a while, so pleased the conditions were on my side to snap these next three...

Daddy and Lewis1
There's just no cooperation from Colson on the posing department.

Daddy and COlson

and Daddy
This picture was taken before Lewis' last hair cut. He's entirely edible.

oh edible 14 mo
Last Sunday Colson turned four! I can hardly believe my baby boy is 4! I remember so clearly the night he was born and how I felt holding him for the first time. What a true gift he's been to our lives. We are so proud and our home is so full of life with him around. He keep me on my toes, he keeps me confessing sins of impatience, and he keeps my heart full of pride and love! The boy is truly one of a kind.

b-day singing
My parents made him an awesome Spiderman birthday cake. Way to go Folks!

on his b-day w  transformers

On a personal note, my belly is growing and I'm feeling great, being pregnant and all. Food tastes better than normal because I'm hungrier than normal; and sleep is sweeter than normal as I'm quite ready to hit the pillow come bedtime.

I am enjoying Eugene and the time spent outdoors with the boys during the days and walks with hubby in the evening.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some pictures before Grandma gets mad!

We are loving our new home here in Eugene. The boys are loving the backyard, and I'm loving that they love the backyard too. Like yesterday, when I had raw poultry juice all over my hands they entertained themselves out there and reduced my juggling of little boys and raw chicken (which is always welcome).

Lewis wakes up with the cutest bedhead in the mornings. I love it. Here is a small peak at it:

in the backyard with bedhead

The ferocious beast, Lewis:


I'm not sure what kind of mad face this is. But it's typical.

And this one i love because it's so genuine. And boys in bug pajamas are irresistable. Thanks to Q for the hand-me-down.

Oregon, we are all loving you, but who doesn't in June?
spring rain2

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