Thursday, April 30, 2009

Standing on His Own Two Feet

Look who finally decided to start walking:

Finally walking

A Proud Daddy:
Proud Daddy
Lewis' little personality is really blossoming right now. It must be Spring! He's been so cute and funny, and so different than his big brother.
He loves snuggles and loves from his mama.
He's getting interested more and more in strangers.
He eats just as much or more than his big brother! And eats faster than he does too. This kid is not messing around when it comes to food.
He's no pro in the walking department. I love these toddling months.
Lewis growles. Sometimes I think I'm giong to die from it, it's so cute.
He loves being around his big brother and sneeking off to his room to play with him.
We snuggle in the mornings, every morning, in my bed. It's one of my favorite times of the day.
A Proud Daddy of Another Monkey:
with Daddy Menlo Park
Colson continues to suprise us with his vocabulary and funny phrases. He's amazing. I am so proud of him.
....gotta run!!!!
Rejoice with us, as this is KC's last day of work in manufacturing! God is good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Praising God for His Plans in our Lives

It seems sometimes that when it rains, it pours, or hmmm, how about a happier metaphor? Is happier a word? (oh well, this is my blog.-no disrespect to you grammer nazis....Lyndsey...htt-hmmmm) I'm looking for something more sunny. Anybody have any ideas? Because we have some more Rumrey life-news on top of our recent blessing of a new child.

This too, is a true blessing, and we are incredibly humbled and thankful. KC has received a pastoral call at Christ the King Church in Eugene, OR.

From Oregon we have come, and to Oregon we shall return!

Living in Moscow has been a tremendous blessing in our lives all around, but it seems that God has seen fit to send us out and use us elsewhere. We couldn't be more pleased about being back in Oregon serving the Saints in Eugene.

Confessions of a Pregnant Lady

This is me, being bad:

Being Bad

This is me, being good:

Being Good

Being bad, again:

Being Bad

Being good, again:

Me Being Good

And so it goes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks to Tyler Florence: It's what's for dinner.

I have made this once before and it was a big hit. Yum! I'm excited. It's a welcome change from all the mexican food we've been eating lately.

*Confession: I don't make the tarter sauce myself. It's just easier to buy a bottle of it. Maybe if I tried homemade I'd be a changed woman? Any thoughts or experience of your own on the subject of homemade tarter sauce?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Colson Quote

Colson: An excavator!

His weird Mother: You're an excavator.

Col: No! Excavators don't follow Jesus.

*And I chuckle.

This and That

Let's see, we've been staying busy around here. My blogging motivation goes in waves, this is obviously one of the down turns.

I know I'm pregnant when I'm craving eggs at 10am and obsessed with the opera singer Cecilia Bartoli. She's my favorite to type into youtube. Another sure sign this go around is my non-desire for that morning cup of coffee. This is not normal! I've settled with tea for now. Anybody have any favorites I can try, being that I'm in the tea market these days, and quite the novice, I might add?

I got to see baby 2 weeks ago via ultrasound. I know that the little darling looks more like a twitching insect I dug out of Milk Creek when I was in Jr High and inspected under microscope, but I already feel pangs of love and joy for this new little life. Oh, I am thrilled!

And now....for some pictures...(of course)...
He's still taking his time learning to walk. He can go quite a ways when he knows that there is a point B from his point A. He doesn't just walk off into oblivion. He's cautious. I like that. But there is also the go-getter in him. Last night we took him to a little park and he got filthy and had a ball climbing and sliding. As Colson always says, "What a baby!"


An older woman once told me that gifts to your children that involve wheels are always a great investment because they can be passed along, and no matter the age or sex, they all will use and love them. Here's Lewis' start on Colson's old trike. He looks disgruntled. He's probably mad he's not able to keep up with his brother yet as his feet can hardly reach the petals.

Speaking of disgruntled...
This is the face 3 year old's make when they can't button up their britches.

Batman Lives:


And the adventures never cease...


These two have got something special going on. It melts a mommy's heart.
Daddy and Col

Ok, hope you enjoyed the pictures. The weather is too nice to stay inside. I've got to get busy and do all my housework so that we can go on an adventure when lewis wakes up, and besides, I need to go take care of someone in the bathroom yelling for me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Those teeth! I love them.

those teeth

Monday, April 6, 2009



Look at these little munchkins. I had so much fun doing a photoshoot for my friend Sarah's children. We're swapping our artistic trades: I get to take some pictures of her children, and in return she's making me an awesome bag! What a deal.

P.S. Check out some of Sarah's work.

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