Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The weather is perfect, my babies are cheerful and there is much to smile about.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's to a Boy Full of Color and Rythm and Mischief!

Colson has been skipping naps. It has it's benefits, like this one night when he fell asleep in KC's arms reading a book. It was 5:30 and I thought I had died and gone to heaven to have a whole evening alone with my husband and a book...oh, and Lewis too. But he's an easy story (for now anyway).
The boy is full throttle. The teaching is non-stop. The instruction is constantly pouring out of me. Am I being redundant? Yes? Well, welcome to my life.
"Don't put your big toe in your mouth at the dinner table."
"Don't hover over your brother, you could fall on him."
"Your brother is not a drum set. Please don't bang on his back like that."
"Don't squeeze his fingers in that book. Colson, that could hurt him. Do you want to hurt people? We help, not hurt, others."
"Oh, No, we don't spit."
the list could (and does) go on
and on
and on...you get the idea.
(Reading this list makes me chuckle. It's good for me to step back and look in).
All of these commands must come off my tongue in a guarded manner, speaking calmly and with kindness. I don't ever want my LOUD VOICE to be a motivator of obedience. I don't want to coerce obedience because I'm bigger and meaner and louder!!!!
For awhile I was telling him to do things more than once. You can imagine how my commands we're quickly multiplying. It got exasperating and it was showing. I had to change that quick. It was a good lesson to require obedience the first time I asked. The key here was being ready to discipline if he didn't obey. And if I wasn't in a place to discipline, I wasn't in a place to ask anything of him. It's much easier this way on us both. I'm at a place of true dependence on God right now, needing an abundant amount of patience, endurance, and love. It's good for me to know I need the help of my Father in Heaven during these intensive training years. It keeps me on my knees, lest I become a self righteous mama.
Look at him snoozing in KC's arms. For the wife and mom, this picture kinda tips me over the top. It's death by cuteness.

And the following picture is too true to form. This is the expression on Colson's face noticing frost on the rooftops this morning. This is the first frost we've noticed of the year, and certainly, it won't be the last. Notice Colson's bedhead. It was early and he was out watching the garbage man, naturally.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Colson, the boy, the hero.

Something's happened to my sweet child. I think it's called boyhood. Take a look at this face, this is what I mean:
He found this bow in the grass a couple days back. Minus a string and an arrow, this bow is the real deal. And by the looks of things this business is very serious. Look at him pretending to pull the string back. Little does he know the bow is facing the wrong direction. But what's that matter when you have an imagination like this one has.
Yes, the era of boy is upon us, full force. Today he told me that an excavator wanted to scoop Lewis right out of the stroller. What a sigh of relief I had when he told me that he would have to crush that scooping monster instead of losing Lewis to it. Colson, the hero. He brings us such joy and adventure.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

the Aftermath of Storm Preschool

This is what happens when you leave 2, 3-year-old boys together in a room for any number of minutes. Notice the lampshade on the bookshelf is tipped over? The broken light bulb is smashed into the carpet under the debris, and the lamppost earned it's spot in the garbage after it shocked/electrified my hand as I was assessing the damage.
***Note to self: When something breaks, if applicable, unplug from the electrical outlet before determining damage.***

All things must come to an end, and after breaking up a couple physical fights, refereeing some train races, and hearing lots of laughing, screaming, giggling, singing, and unintelligible gibberish, all is now quiet and still. I'm currently sitting down to a fresh cup of coffee with an extra measure of cream, and I'm taking a breather before I head in to pick out pieces of glass from the carpet. God gives me the grace I need to be a cheerful mom everytime Colson lays his busy little head down and closes his eyes.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tricks and Sticks

Look at Lewis' new trick. He's able to sit up for a short time before he tumbles down. It's incredibly cute.
OOOOOooooooo, and those lips. Look at him poking them out like that. I think that means he wants me to kiss 'em. Yes, I'm sure it's what he means.
Oh, and then there's this one. Look at this boy. That face. He thinks he is such a warrior, real big and tough.
Grandpa polished this nice walking stick up for Colson and it came whenever we went into the forest. He told me he was looking out for monsters. The looks on his face, his posture, and the grip on his stick told me it was serious business.
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Oregon '08

This is where I grew up. It's beautiful. I miss my backyard being a forest.
One of my favorite things about our time was getting to meet my nephew, Solomon. He and Lewis are less than a month apart.
He's a gorgeous baby with stunning blue eyes. See for yourself.
Here are the proud Daddys and their boys. KC is holding Solomon and Matt is holding Lewis.
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Pardon my Absence...

I spent the week in Oregon to celebrate the joining of my oldest brother to the lovely Jessica.

Look at this shinning bride. Mitchell, count your blessings!
The afternoon wedding was awesome in a beautiful, wooded, Oregon setting.
And a great time to spend with family.
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