Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I know that I desperately need to update the blog of all our personal happenings (moving, my own brother had a baby girl, Spring time in Oregon, a new home, family, the boys, church, to name a few) but I had some free time this afternoon to work on some of these photos I took before we left Moscow of my Friend Sarah's newest precious little girl, Cate. What a darling. And since I had these finished, I just had to share with everyone. This was my first time shooting newborn and I learned a lot. Sarah was the perfect person to practice with, she was cheerful, gracious, let me not know what I was doing, and was willing to try anything. Thanks Sarah, it helped me a ton to have you be so kind. And the cookies you sent me home with were fantastic.

Cate is 7 days old in these photos. Oh, the glory of a newborn is such a treasure.


B&W hat

Cate hat color

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