Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, summertime. We are loving it. Finding my son outside looking like this is just perfect:


There are so many new things the boys are getting to enjoy, the warm weather together this season has opened up a brand new world. It's a pleasure to be able to see them do things like this:

Dear Lewis, I know you are going to be a tuff little bro. Look at that good-natured face while getting shoveled over by your big brother. Keep up the good work, child. Your Mommy is proud.

That's it, RUN, my pigeon toed toddler, as fast as you can!


And down he goes again:


But look at the joy:


And so it goes until someone get's hurt, or else finds a ladybug in the grass. Jackpot:

We had Colson's cousin Q over for a few days last week. He loves my boys and they love him. In fact, having him freed me up so much to be able to do things around the house that I normally don't get a chance to do. Look at this handsome boy:

Q Dog

Q and Col

And this photo, to me, is perfection. Not because it's technically perfect, by any means, but because it sooooo fitting. Colson, what am I going to do with you?

KC and boys Q

A dear friend is getting married soon, very soon, hence the tux. A 4-year-old in a tuxedo is irresistable.


Speaking of irresistable:


Lewis, oh!!!! Why do you charm me so?


I am enjoying this age tremendously with him. I am thankful for the camera and the ability to capture some of this magic, in part, at least. It will help me remember later.
thumb sucker

These are good times. I am a full mama and wife. I can feel the Lord's blessing on us, by His grace, no doubt, and I'm filled with thanksgiving.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Death by Cuteness

I had to share this one sweet image of the boys. It speaks for itself.

starting to wrastle

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

This is Nan. She's my grandmother. Don't call her grandmother. It's Nan, got it. And she's a spit-fire. I'm glad her blood pumps through my veins. She keeps things exciting and keeps us laughing. It was great to see her yesterday.


The occasion was a birthday. Mitch, my oldest brother, he's getting older. He hates having a camera pointed at him, but I love this picture. Mitch, I love ya, even if you are ornery. and Happy Birthday.

Mitchell 33yrs!

And here's my brother Nick. I love this guy.


My boys love the grandparents house because of this. KC at one point found Lewis laying face down, happy as a clam, in the sand. What a dirty monkey boy.

dirty chipmunk

What would a post be without Colson? Right now he should be sleeping but we can hear mischief coming from the room. Who knows what this one's given mission is at any time. Just look at this face.


And this one of him was taken a few days ago, but captures his new present from Disney World from his Cousins Alex and Lauren. Yes, he loves it. Suprised?

New Sword and Sheild

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rumrey News

I am thrilled and utterly overjoyed to announce the prediction via ultrasound of a little
growing strong in my womb.
The Lord is kind.
When I think about my own mother and the special bond and friendship we share, having a girl makes me so excited for the possibilities to experience that with a daughter of my own. If she can love me the way I love my mom, I will be a blessed woman. Lord, please let it be.
KC and I recently celebrated 6 years of marriage. What a blessing and journey it has been. We raised our glasses to 6 full years as husband and wife, 2 wonderful boys at home, one babe lost in pregnancy (and now with Jesus), one little girl on the way, and to a rich year ahead.

Indeed, the Lord is so ever kind.

On a more casual note, Colson, on Rootbeer, says,

"It feels kinda bumpy."

I couldn't agree more.

I suppose it's true I'm a bit more ravenous for food these days, for Colson recently asked me, "Why do you want food all day?" and "What does 'withering away' mean?"
Hey, when Mama's hungry, get outta Mama's way!
Tonight I took the boys out for our first bike ride. I am so thankful, for I happen to be the blessed recipient of a hand-me-down, double bike trailer to haul my chipmunks in around this hippy, bike lovin' town. Thanks Swan family! It felt so free and fabulous, not to mention the great exercise. Colson is getting heavy! It made my heart smile seeing both boys strapped up side by side ready for a ride. This is going to be happening close to daily, if all goes as planned.
And right now, as I type, I'm able to breath easy, that end of a full-day-kind-of-deep-breath. There is something very calming and therapeutic about the children being in bed, asleep. Knowing that tomorrow we'll be doing it all over again, but right now, I can kick up my feet and anticipate new mercies that come to us every morning, as faithful as the sunrise.
The Fam
This was taken last night. A rare photo of us all together. Thanks Ellie!

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