Monday, May 28, 2007

Tractor 'Jammies: Simple Pleasures

The boy was so pleased I let him exchange his jeans for these super cool tractor pajamas.
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

KeriAnn's Dark Side

Ok, do you really want me to confess to you the darkness in my life that I long for and even regularly enjoy?

Yes, people, I like the dark side of life:

The rumours are true: I do occasionally and unashamedly enjoy dark beer. (in factodum fashion: the first beer I ever had was a Black Butte Porter at Timberline Lodge accompanied by my loving husband [blame him for the beer] and pizza).

Forget about that milk chocolate stuff, it's for amatures. :) That goes for the beer too....and heck, it even goes for you frappachino drinkers out there as well!!! It would be really really hard, but I could possibly live without the dark chocolate....for me however, it's all or nothing, Dark chocolate or bust! The Darker the Better!

And last, but most certainly not least to my heart and taste buds, is the cup of java. At this point in my daily life, I would have a very difficult time going without my cup of frothy coffee. I could unwillingly prohibit the beer and the chocolate, but the coffee, that would be like asking me to shave an eyebrow.

Nancy's Blog

Our Pastor's wife, Nancy Wilson, has recently started blogging. I am currently blogging about her blog because of the steady encouragement and biblical admonishment I receive whenever I happen to visit her site. She is a woman that exuberates practical wisdom for women such as myself, which I so constantly need. It's been edifying and challenging for me as a wife, as a mama, as a woman, to learn from her and be encouraged by her. If you reading, happen to need encouragement in beautifying your life and home and serving God, please, don't be a stranger to her site:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Mall

Mrs. (Mama) Christy Camp tagged me to come up with a mall that would suite my fancy....we'll, here goes: requirements included 6 stores and 2 restaurants (one being dine in and one being fast food). Baja counts as fast food right? GAP is all around a good choice for me, and Ann Taylor has the most wonderful dresses. Target needs no explanation, and the go-getter in me would love to browse through REI often. This would also be a wonderful store to accomodate my little mountain boy. The Borders Books and Music would have to include a good cafe for some frothy java (of course). and P.F. Chang's: when I was prego with Colson I would dream about eating their lettuce wrap appetizer. and Crate & Barrel has that timeless, tasteful fashion that could inspire and rejuvenate any home.
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Christy, sorry it took me so long to get to this. :) And I tag Charissa! ha! wow, I really want to go shopping now at my mall. Good thing I live in Moscow, Idaho. haha, because it limits our options. and Walmart doens't sound fun, it only reminds me of diapers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wild truck

He must have learned to dance from his Daddy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lovely Gifts

Look at my fantastic gifts KC & Colson got me for Mother's Day.

The table cloth is so lovely and is summer itself on our dining table.

The apron makes me a fashionable homemaker while cooking up some delicious meals!

Yay for new and fun gifts! I love them.


I'm currently plagued with two constant itches:

First, is my subjective itch: to be more creatively crafty. I have no idea where to begin with this. I would like to try it all.....painting, drawing, sewing, soapmaking, baking beautiful cupcakes and fancy truffles for parties. I feel some internal potential in this area and a great desire to jump in, but have no idea which direction to dive.

Secondly, is my objective itch: I somehow got myself into poison oak (or at least it's exactly like it). The only place I can think of getting it must have been from the cemetery KC and I and Colson walked through the other night. Of course, instead of walking to a normal entrance, like normal people, we jumped over a ditch, climbed up a steep bank, and tossled ourselves through some bushes, all this for the benefits of a short cut. We'd do it again, and will, I'm sure of it.

We did however get to see a huge owl flying cautiously in the treetops of the old trees living in the cemetary. It was a great evening walk with owls overhead and dusk approaching. I'd say it was worth the poison oak.

Speaking of birds, two swallows swooped down and flew right into my apartment last week, side by side, as I opened the front door. I ran outside in a flutter shouting to my neighbor and she saved the day and helped me get them out. Luckily, they must have been too shocked to do their dirty business all over my apartment. I didn't see any droppings, which is a major plus. I have to say I was more worried about that than having them flying about my apartment.

Ok, now I have no idea what this post was all about.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hidden Treasures

There is nothing quite like finding hidden treasures (like a rock on top of the canned corn in the pantry) to remind me that i'm the momma to a wonderful, curious, and adventurous little boy.

It's things like this during the day that make me smile my way through.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Church Shoes

Wow, ebay pulled through for me on these Bass shoes for Colson. They were under 2 Bucks and they retail for about $50. (not to mention they look great)

Today we live the Resurrection of Tomorrow.

Today I can't stop thinking about Spring! ... and therefore I can't stop thinking about NEW LIFE...and thus I can't stop thinking about Jesus' Resurrection...and moreover, I can't stop thinking about our own future hope of resurrection: into a body more human, more real, more whole than we can even imagine.

"Where O Death is your victory? Where O Death is your sting?"

Dear Saints, we have the Resurrection! We have EVERYTHING to live for, for all things new are before us today! May this remind us to actively pursue beauty in our lives, in our homes, in our jobs, in our relationships. And may this garden of life be fruitful and glorifying and blazing bright before the world to testify that Christ is King, and He is reigning to bring all things under His redeeming power. What a glory! What a hope!

Blessed are we.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Every day, from here to there,


are everywhere.

-Dr Seuss

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