Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fruit from the Vine

I love the magic of Spring.  It's the magic of the resurrection.  The putting off and the growing up of something glorious - more glorious than before. It's the promise of fruit that comes to bear at the hand of the vine and the vinedresser. 

We have moved across town and the picture of Spring presents itself to me in an intimate and unmistakable way here.  It's almost a knock on the head.  "Look!  I am here! New life has come.  Look at the beauty and life that comes to you when you abide in me.  I am the vine.  Be with me.  I want to make you fruitful.  I want your joy to be full."    I guess I need the simple reminders - these reminders to slow down and notice the glory.  The lilacs are in full purple and fragrant bloom.  Glory.  The wisteria is on the cusp of breaking through.  Seeing it daily reminds me of the newness that continually comes through this liturgical season: death to life.  God is doing a new thing. 

We Rumreys continue to prune, grow, love, learn, and be.  We also resurrect from our little deaths that we must go though on our way to following our Lord to the cross and beyond into Life. 

Cheers to Spring.  Cheers to King Jesus rising from the dead. Cheers to the hope of bearing fruit.

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