Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kitchen Woes

I thought I would be a sweet wife and make our favorite cookie. They're lumpy, oaty, chocolaty, gooey, and all together delicious. I guess we'll find out what they taste like with egg shell to garnish. As I was putting an egg into my Kitchen Aid I dropped half of the shell in while the mixer was running. I heard a very distinct "crunch" and I couldn't switch off the mixer before it had turned a few times through the dough.. As you can see, I did my best at picking out all the large pieces that I could see. As I was gathering the dough into balls I was still running across pieces of shell here and there. My efforts have been spoiled! And I could not start again because that was the last of my butter. What would a cookie be not laden in butter?

Bon Apetite!
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Jon & Chris said...

Stink! That sounds exactly like something I would do! I'm always putting random things in while the mixer is going. One time I had to turn my cookies into a double batch because of an abundance of salt that happened to spill one likes salty cookies. I'd rather have eggshell!

Chris/ty said...

Bummer! Can you hook a girl up with this recipe?? Without the eggshell though.

I am stuck on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies... that's all I EVER make!

Mom said...

Like mom like daughter. I am glad to see I have taught you so well. Love you Bee.

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