Saturday, March 17, 2007

Presenting Arlow!

This is Arlow. He's a black bird owned my our friends Clay and Elissa. We're truly "birdwatching" this weekend. Colson is fascinated by him and tries to kiss him through his cage. He creeps KC and I out by saying "Hey! Arlow, be nice" and "Good Birdy Birdy". He's incredibly articulate, but it's a bit freaky to have a bird in your living room talk to you. Isn't he cute?


dey9826 said...

I couldn't help looking up your blog after you mentioned that you posted pictures of Arlo on here :) Thanks so much for taking care of him for us!

Hope to see you guys again soon - maybe we will have to do some girly thing together if our hubbies play chess this weekend. Have a good week!


Jon & Chris said...

That would freak me out!!

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