Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Spring

The following passage is from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, after Frodo and
Sam were rescued from Mount Doom and the ring was destroyed:

"'A great shadow departed,' said Gandalf, and then he laughed, and the sound was like music, or like water in a parched land; and as he listened the thought came to Sam that he had not heard laughter, the pure sound of merriment, for days upon days without count. It fell upon his ears like the echo of all the joys he had ever known. But he himself burst into tears. Then, as a sweet rain will pass down a wind of spring and the sun will shine out the clearer, his tears ceased, and his laughter willed up, and laughing he sprang from his bed.

'How do I feel?' he cried. 'Well, I don't know how to say it. I feel, I feel'--he waved his arms in the air--"I feel like spring after winter, and sun on the leaves; and like trumpets and harps and all the songs I have ever heard!'"


Daylan said...

thanks for that, ker! that's simply beautiful. i miss laughing with you.

Charis2105 said...

Hey, great job on the scrapbooking, and Lyndsey would be proud of your Sam quote. To answer your question, I am currently working for VanNatta Public Relations, which kind of uses my degree to some extent. I would rather by a photographer for a magazine or newspaper, or write for a weekly publication or something, but right now, I do PR. Wohoo. Have a great day!

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