Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kitchen Woes, part 2

Last Night, as I thought I was heating up frozen peas on my stove-top, I heard a loud cracking noise. The dish that holds my butter was on a burner close to the peas; it had broken into 3 pieces, and was now smoking as the butter was obviously melted and oozing out onto the burner from underneath. I had turned on the wrong burner, and the butter dish paid the price. Next thing I know the butter caught on fire and smoke and flames were blazing out of my stove! Good thing KC was there as I was all in a flutter. He calmly got off the phone, grabbed a heavy dish towel and put the fire out! Praise God for objective men!

***Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the fire event on camera. In retospect, I suppose I could have taken a picture of of the broken butter dish, but what can you do? It's in the trash now. ***

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Chris/ty said...

Way to think of the blog first, Ker! Pictures are good, but not at the expense of the house...
When we lived in our apartment, I used to set the smoke alarm off ALL the time.

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