Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm currently plagued with two constant itches:

First, is my subjective itch: to be more creatively crafty. I have no idea where to begin with this. I would like to try it all.....painting, drawing, sewing, soapmaking, baking beautiful cupcakes and fancy truffles for parties. I feel some internal potential in this area and a great desire to jump in, but have no idea which direction to dive.

Secondly, is my objective itch: I somehow got myself into poison oak (or at least it's exactly like it). The only place I can think of getting it must have been from the cemetery KC and I and Colson walked through the other night. Of course, instead of walking to a normal entrance, like normal people, we jumped over a ditch, climbed up a steep bank, and tossled ourselves through some bushes, all this for the benefits of a short cut. We'd do it again, and will, I'm sure of it.

We did however get to see a huge owl flying cautiously in the treetops of the old trees living in the cemetary. It was a great evening walk with owls overhead and dusk approaching. I'd say it was worth the poison oak.

Speaking of birds, two swallows swooped down and flew right into my apartment last week, side by side, as I opened the front door. I ran outside in a flutter shouting to my neighbor and she saved the day and helped me get them out. Luckily, they must have been too shocked to do their dirty business all over my apartment. I didn't see any droppings, which is a major plus. I have to say I was more worried about that than having them flying about my apartment.

Ok, now I have no idea what this post was all about.

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