Thursday, May 24, 2007

KeriAnn's Dark Side

Ok, do you really want me to confess to you the darkness in my life that I long for and even regularly enjoy?

Yes, people, I like the dark side of life:

The rumours are true: I do occasionally and unashamedly enjoy dark beer. (in factodum fashion: the first beer I ever had was a Black Butte Porter at Timberline Lodge accompanied by my loving husband [blame him for the beer] and pizza).

Forget about that milk chocolate stuff, it's for amatures. :) That goes for the beer too....and heck, it even goes for you frappachino drinkers out there as well!!! It would be really really hard, but I could possibly live without the dark chocolate....for me however, it's all or nothing, Dark chocolate or bust! The Darker the Better!

And last, but most certainly not least to my heart and taste buds, is the cup of java. At this point in my daily life, I would have a very difficult time going without my cup of frothy coffee. I could unwillingly prohibit the beer and the chocolate, but the coffee, that would be like asking me to shave an eyebrow.


Jen Green said...

Don't enjoy all three at once.

Chris/ty said...

You are such a rebel. Chris loves dark beer and dark chocolate too! I prefer light beers and milk or white chocolate.

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