Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice & Happy Birthday Colson Christopher

Wow, 2 years ago today I had already fallen in love with our new little man, Colson. I couldn't wait to meet him. He was born in the morning, and all day I was so excited, and exhausted, but I could not rest a minute while this squeeking little baby was so perfect and here! and mine! and i could see him finally and touch him and hold him. I was so happy, and so excited to get to know him.

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And today, i can hardly believe this little toddler running around our home, full of love and mischief. Oh how his personality shines through at this age - always on the go, a hard worker when it comes to anything with wheels, and a boy with a tender conscience. Even now he seems to be independent and secure. He's ready to listen and learn, and he loves his books and songs. I don't know how so much of a personality can be held in so tiny of a body. His spirit is definately full of life and joy. I couldn't be more pleased to be his mother, and I'm so very excited to watch what the Lord has in store for this future man. He has brought such life and wonder into our lives, and I thank God for such a wonderful gift in our son.

It is so fitting that he was born on the first day of summer. He is color and growth and fruit.


Ronda and Keagan said...

Happy Birthday Colson!

Jon & Chris said...

Happy birthday Colson! You were so tiny when you were pregnant--I love the pictures. By the way, I think Emiy has a crush on Colson. We've watched the "wild truck" video A LOT, and she thinks it's hilarious. She claps and pushes buttons on the keyboard to try to get it to play over and over.

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