Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Abandoned Blog

Yes, I know, my blogging definately stinks right now. We've been on vacation, which i could not write about because it was a suprise birthday party that took us to Oregon. We had a fantastic time laying by the pool, reading Harry Potter, playing chess, and watching cousins play until they dropped. It was fantastic!

and now we're back...but my blog isn't really back....

we're moving this week. i'm going to be a busy mama and will catch you up with pictures when life slows down.

question: if you knew you were going to move in a year, would you paint an apartment the color of choice under the stipulation that you would have to paint it back when you moved?



Jon & Chris said...

About the paint--probably not. Although I'd probably try to find some other solution, like hanging sheets as curtains or something. Then again, in the past three years we've painted every single wall in this house, so I'm not such a fan of painting & repainting.

J Yo said...

Maybe just paint one or two walls...then there's not so much to re-paint. :)

(This is Christy's sister, Jessica, by the way...)

Chris/ty said...

I would say 'no' on the painting. We had the option of doing that too in our apartment in Seattle. We never did and when we moved out I was SO happy we didn't do anything we needed to fix. We were just so ready to move on...

Can't wait for you to return! Hope the move went great!

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