Wednesday, August 15, 2007


is not life so funny?

Today I wanted to wash the car, and the automatic car washes here in Moscow frankly, don't work. They have a no-touch policy and only spray your car with soap and water - not worth $6! I only had $2 in quarters today to do the do-it-yourself wash. I know from previous experience that this usually takes 2 applications, totaling $4 in quarters. Like I said, I only had change enough for one go-around. This was going to be the speed-wash of my life. I put my quarters in the slot with the spray wand in one hand, ready to go when the 4 minute clock started to tick down. Go! I was spraying and running around that car with all my might, then scrubbing with the big brush, up and down, up and down, side to side, running around in a frantic. I hope so badly someone was there to see. I was even laughing at myself when I looked up at Colson strapped into the back seat. He was also quite entertained and also laughing at my escapade. I scrubbed and sprayed until the last second, just finishing in the nick of time. I'm sure there are a few spots here and there that I missed, but overall, the car looks shiny clean. Not a bad way to save a couple dollars and a great excuse to laugh at yourself! You should try it sometime.

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Jen Green said...

Nice to have you back blogging again. I can totally see you washing the car...I can see you laughing at yourself too...I love it.

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