Monday, October 15, 2007

Bitter-Sweet End

Last night KC and I finished the final Harry Potter book. I'm so sad that it's all over. This has provided much joy to us lying in bed together, gripped by the story as it went on, saying goodnight to each other and Harry as we slipped into sleep.

If you are a Christian out there who thinks that Harry Potter is evil, luring your child to follow satan and dark magic, you couldn't be more mistaken. I would encourage you to think about the story that you hold so dear...the gospel. J.K. Rowling understands "the story", God's story: which all stories emulate, either good or bad. I would argue that this is a fantastic book that draws many christian parallels, drawing us into God's story through fiction. Harry Potter is a tale of good and evil, of love and hatred, of life and death.


Joanne said...

Harry Potter rocks! Thanks for new posts, that song kept going through my head!

Jen Green said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them so much. If I didn't have so many other books to read right now I would be reading "Deathly Hollows" again.

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