Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Love it.

This is our new bed. I nabbed it up off of Craigslist before a slew of following callers were begging for it. We've been looking for a twin bed for Colson, and although this is not what I had in mind for our little boy, I just could not pass it up. (Never mind that Colson has been sleeping in a pack'n'play since we moved this summer. We chucked his crib. It wasn't cut out for another baby.) The bed was a great deal, and I think it's timelessly fashionable. The wood is currently finished in a cherry dark, but I may paint it black. I took a b&w pic of it to get a preview. Any ideas from blogger-space? anyway, I'm very excited.

Let's here it for Craigslist!

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Chris/ty said...

I love black furniture! I think it would be awesome. But beware: you will be dusting it ALL the time. Our bedroom furniture is black and it always looks dusty. But it is beautiful. I vote Yes.

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