Friday, October 5, 2007

Colson Quotes

He's been saying lots of funny things lately:

In the middle of the night not long ago, I heard him yelling in his bed. When I got closer to his room, I made out these words being yelled repeatedly: "I...GOT....SOME...BOOGIES!!!!"

I asked him one morning, "Colson, do you want to be a strong man?"
His reply: "a hot dog man, mama. a hot dog man."

KC has been telling him that I'm "the Queen". So the other morning as I was getting him breakfast, he was looking at me saying over and over, "Mama's Queen, Mama. Mama's Queen, Mama" The boy knows how to get a yummy breakfast.

And just this morning, he was sitting on my lap and my tummy grumbled pretty loud. "What's that noise, Colson?" I asked. His reply: "Mama tooted."

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