Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Favorite Maternity Clothing?

Hey there ladies, I am getting bigger, naturally, and am thinking about maternity clothing. :) I have a question for you mommy bloggers out there. What were your staple pregnancy clothes that you loved and could not live without? When I was pregnant with Colson, I got SOOOO incredibly sick of my maternity clothes, so sick in fact, that I'm still sick of them....I'm in the market now for something fun and stylish. I did get 2 awesome black dresses on sale at Gap maternity and love those, but those aren't to be worn everyday. What were your favorite jeans, brands, tops, etc???

If you wouldn't mind throwing my way an item or two that you couldn't have lived without, I would love to know.


Chris/ty said...

Although I am sick of mine too, I had a couple things that I just LOVED. I got some "Citizens" maternity jeans. Although they are really pricey, you could try looking online or have someone look at Nordstrom Rack for you to see if they could find some for you (doubt they have one near Moscow!). They were worth the price to me to feel cute and the only pair of jeans I bought.

I could have done without the trendy tops I bought. Big and trendy don't always go. I loved the plain t-shirts and white linen tops. Try Target. :)

J Yo said...

A comfy prego-sweatsuit!! I lived in mine...and I second Christy's choice...invest in a great pair of jeans. I will next time, for sure! :)

becca said...

I found some great clothes at the consignment shop in Keizer. They have a great maternity selection and the clothes are in good shape. I was frustrated with wanting to be comfortable in the ever-expanding belly and still look decent for work.

For me I was drawn to wearing certain colors that make me feel good, not sure why. Long sweaters and cardigans are great.

Ben,on his blog,or Jana on hers said...

Walmart clearance rack. I'm not kidding you...I found my favorite pair of jeans (and I've worn a lot of maternity jeans through 4 pregnancies) for $5 off the Walmart clearance rack. One lady in Winco asked where I got them from...the Gap or American Eagle. I had to be honest and tell her they were only from Walmart (I think that sounds worse then saying they were from Goodwill!). They had cute pockets on the behind...don't you think cute jeans are all about the pockets?
Hey when are you going to come visit us? I want to see you're growing belly in person!
Love ya,

carina said...


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