Sunday, December 16, 2007

Colson + Ridley = Serious Silliness

These boys have a hoot together. Mischievous is the very word. They've been caught in action on a number of occasions. One particular occurrence involved an open baby powder bottle in a room all by themselves. Colson's room smelled for days and his bed and toys were dusted in a light snow of powder. Just last Friday I heard uncontrollable, almost hyena giggling coming from the back of my apartment. They were pulling every article of clothing out of Colson's dresser, throwing them all in a heap on the floor or up in the air to rain down on their heads. After church today, I saw three toddler boys pushing their way into the women's restroom: Colson and Ridley added the master-mind of Simeon on that endeavor. I'm afraid that this is only the beginning. What Joy!
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