Monday, December 3, 2007

Humble Beginnings

Here is my first Jesse Tree Ornament. I'm just drawing them for right now, and hopefully in the years to come we'll be able to get them on fabric. So, this is a rough draft, but a good start for the future. The Dove represents Creation, whole and pure, untainted by the fall.

The second ornament represents Adam and Eve and the Fall. Here, in the drawing, is Adam eating of the fruit. I tried to replicate Adam from a wonderful book by an author by the name of N.D. Wilson. It's a children's book entitled, The Garden and the Dragon. It's highly recommended if you have youngsters. Colson loves it, and it's a great start getting him aquainted with the beginning of God's story.

We have been using this as an inspiration during our Family Worship. It's been wonderful so far.


Heather said...

Those are great! You are a fantastic artist, Ker!

AZChelsea said...

So after I read about the jesse tree on your blog, I went ot my brothers house yesterday and they do a jesse tree and aparently just found out about it a few weeks ago! The more I know about it, the more I think it is so neat and special! Your drawings are very cool...are you going to draw each one?

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