Friday, February 15, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends

For Christmas my mom and dad pitched in on the dometic adventures in our home and bought me my first sewing machine. I had only tried my hand at sewing one other time: trust me, it was not pretty. My craft-extroardinare friend, Anna, showed me the ropes of my machine and got me started on my very own project: curtains for our living room window. Here they are folks:
Here you can see the stiching. I'm so proud!
On the backside, you can see that I'm no professional, and (more importantly) it's homemade!
I have a lot to learn, but am excited to have a start at it. I definately felt a great deal of accomplishment when I had them all hung up in the window. They are not perfect, but this is a great starting point. Thanks Anna! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Now I just need some more inspiration and a keen eye for fabric. Joannes is not an easy place for me to spend time. You really have to have a keen eye when looking for the fabric that will be just right. It's like thrift store shopping or yard saling. You could pick something out thinking it would be perfect only to realize that you don't really like it afterall.

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BJ said...

Good job, girl! The curtains look great!

Miss you,

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