Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm in love & post-Easter post

This kid has made his way right into our home and hearts as soon as we knew of his conception, and now to the utmost having him around to see and kiss and hold. He's gorgeous, and yes, I'll admit my own bias. He's still gorgeous. I have to say, from a mama's persepective, it's much much more glorious having him on the outside rather than the inside, but oh how the marks of pregnancy are worth every pound, scar, mark, and discomfort.

Our pastor's daughter has recently had twins and wrote an article relating a mother's sacrifice of body and Easter. "..A body that's been taken all apart on the behalf of others." She encourages us mom's out there, particularly on Easter, in light of what sacrifice Jesus endured for us, the marks he bore, the scars, the pain, the cross, all for the life of his people. What a wonderful encouragement and great perspective to have. Many thanks for sharing. You really should read the link above.

Today is my first day as mama of 2 boys alone all day in the home by myself. so far so good. Colson has/is adjusting to brotherhood better than I would have imagined. I'm so proud of him. He loves his brother, wants to be around him, and wants him around. It's incredibly precious to watch. My heart is completely overflowing with joy and love and pride. Praise God.
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chris said...

hey thanks for writing back and ya go ahead and add me to your links! i'll do the same for you...
such a cute baby boy!


The Walkers said...

Congratulations!! I love this black and white picture. He is such a beautiful baby.

The Walkers said...
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Jessica said...

He's beautiful. Simply beautiful! Congratulations!!

Ronda and Keagan said...

How did your first day mama of 2 boys?

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