Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa meet Lewis

Lewis was a delightful boy for his Grandma and Grandpa this past week. It was wonderful to see them together. Grandma snuggled with Lewis while Grandpa took Colson on adventures, and mama got to do all sorts of selfish things, like run to the store with no children, and exercise, and shower whenever I felt like it, and nap late in the afternoon. Wonderful!
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The Finch's said...

Awesome that your parents finally got to meet Lewis! I bet they love now having two grandchildren! You are so blessed with an amazing husband, two beautiful handsome boys, and two sets of fantastic loving grandparents! I love looking at the pictures! =)

The Finch's said...

By the way....I just noticed now...Thanks for adding the "almost!" Days are getting closer and closer

The Finch's said...

What is your address so I can send you an invitation even though I know you probably can't make it. It would be a good excuse to visit your parents and the in-laws! They would like that you know =) Oh so would also of us so we can meet Lewis.

Brad and Rebecca said...

great post! Fun to see pics of your parents! Lewis IS getting so big!!! TOO FAST!!!!

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