Saturday, June 28, 2008


I love the concentration. This is typical Cole.
Dad, this next one is for you. Playing the harmonica. We actually have been reading him a story about a boy that plays the harmonica, so evertime we read it he goes and finds his and starts blowing away.
The furrowed brow. Excavating is serious business. The other day at a park Colson was playing on an excavating toy and a little girl came over and asked: "Whatcha Doin'?"
"I'm on the excavator."
"Whatcha Doin'?" she asked again.
"I'm on the excavator. You want me to scoop some dirt for you?"
As if all a little girl wants is a scoop of dirt from a boy. haha. So he starts scooping dirt and she comes over with a handfulls and starts helping. It was pretty cute.

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Julie A said...

He is so dang cute. Total BOY!! I love how concentrated he is. You must stay pretty entertained with your two boys. I love that God has kept you the only girl with three boys yet again:) You must feel right at home. It has been soooo hot here! Summer is finally here. Have a great day Peach...oh wait I am peach. haha I meant Kiki.

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