Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Official

It's true, we've entered into a new chapter of parenthood. I'm officially a SOCCER MOM! And here's the mini-van to prove it...I'm lovin' every minute of it. Someday maybe I'll even drive a van full to soccer practice. All we know is that the forrester wasn't cuttin' the grade any longer. I think I love the idea of soccer-mom. The term suites me well right now.

Speaking of right now, there is an 80 degree breeze floating through the air and gently massaging my bare arms and legs. Summer is a great gift and we're thankful the chances of snow are zero.

We're gearing up for a birthday party tomorrow for our little boy. He's definately now boy. Toddler is on its way out, and boy is on its way in.
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Chris/ty said...

Awesome! We rented a minivan in Hawaii and I loved it. They are awesome! It suits you well my friend.

On a side note I had a dream we were all back in college and Kelee, Julie, Jenni and you were all sharing an apartment and I reeeeally wanted to live with you guys so I moved in too. :) It was fun.

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