Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's talk about this boy.

This little face. On Father's Day, he approached KC and told him that he was his "special, special Daddy." so cute. He looks HUGE to me lately. Maybe it's the short hair, or the summer clothes where I can see more of his legs than ever before. He turns 3 on Saturday. I think I'm beginning to really understand why my folks made comments like "It goes so fast." It makes me want to really take advantage of the times to train and teach. It really counts while they're young. Letting moments go by will add up too quickly. On the flip side of that taking advantage of the moments will also add up. He shocks us with how much we can teach him and how much he knows. This is something I need to always be thinking of. KC does such a good job in encouraging me in this, and reminds me of all the ways that this little man is benefitting from the little times of training.
What a sweet little guy. I can't squeeze Lewis the way I squeeze Colson, and boy do I squeeze him. I enjoy being a tickling, gobbling, Mommy-Monster.
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Heidi said...

You take great pictures. Your boys are adorable. If it makes you feel any better, the weather in Maine is yucky too.

Christy said...

Keriann - that picture of you and Colson is amazing. You look gorgeous! I think you have inspired me to grow my hair out again!

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