Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pics at Eve

I saw the light coming through a window in the evening and I knew it would be perfect for some fun baby pictures. Thanks to KC, who let me take his picture over and over. This camera needs lots of practice and KC practices lots of patience. Thanks love.
I'm enjoying learning this process very much. it's a scary mode to get outside of auto, but I think that it will be worth it down the road. Here are some favorites: I particularly love the last one, where you can see KC's strong hands on Lewis' sweet little barrel back.

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Julie A said...

Fantastic Pictures!! I mean it. You are a pro. Love them. Lewis looks bigger then my nine month old:) Hope your doing great.

AZChelsea said...

awesome pictures. I myself am learning new stuff with my camera....the camera isn't really new but I have a relatively new flash and I am learning how to change settings in doors and outside. So much to learn! Please pass on a happy father's day to KC!

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