Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tricks and Sticks

Look at Lewis' new trick. He's able to sit up for a short time before he tumbles down. It's incredibly cute.
OOOOOooooooo, and those lips. Look at him poking them out like that. I think that means he wants me to kiss 'em. Yes, I'm sure it's what he means.
Oh, and then there's this one. Look at this boy. That face. He thinks he is such a warrior, real big and tough.
Grandpa polished this nice walking stick up for Colson and it came whenever we went into the forest. He told me he was looking out for monsters. The looks on his face, his posture, and the grip on his stick told me it was serious business.
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Chris/ty said...

Yeah Lewis! Such a big handsome boy!
The trip looked awesome. Good ol Oregon... And Colson looks VERY serious about that monster business.

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