Monday, October 20, 2008

Tidbits from a Lord's Day

First off, yesterday's sermon was fantastic. If you are concerned about your money and our economy, this is for you. You can listen to it here. It should be updated sometime today.
I've been digging my heels into the nice weather, and yesterday happened to be the perfect fall day to spend outdoors. We went to an apple orchard, got reprimanded for climbing to the top of an apple tree (can you blame us? That's where the best apples were), let the sun perfectly warm us in the crisp air, and had a great time with friends.We spend the rest of the afternoon at a beautiful park.
Fall is stunning. The colorful trees look like fireworks. I could handle fall lasting for another 3 months.
This morning we're back to the daily. We're on the brink of a new phase. Lewis is starting to be interested in Colson's toys (and he's getting his army crawl down to an effective transporting maneuver). This means that sharing is going to be very important and much instruction is about to take place. He was getting frustrated already with Lewis wanting to eat his garbage truck. Never a dull day!

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Julie A said...

I want to eat an apple now:)

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