Monday, October 27, 2008

We adults have friends too.

Here are the family-men. I think I take this for granted. This community truly is a fabulous place to be and I forget what a blessing and joy it is to have Husbands and Daddies taking their jobs seriously. Our families and church community could not be here without them.

And these ladies are much better at carving pumpkins than I am. They are sweet and godly women. This community needs them too! These women and friends remind me of something I've wanted to post on for a while now, and that is celebrating the Sabbath. Something that has been cultivated in this community for some time is the idea of Sabbath feasting. It's a way to celebrate our God-given day of worship and rest. A day to remember Him. It's a way to sit down together with loved ones to eat and drink and to enjoy ourselves, remembering the Lord's Day, getting ready to worship (if you feast on Saturday night) or celebrating the Lord's day after worship. The Lord's day is a joy, and this feasting and fellowshipping is something that I hope our children will remember being a delight as they grow up with fat and jolly little souls. Our Pastor's wife has a good introductory article on Sabbath feasts here if you'd like more. And the sermon yesterday was incredible, building on the culture of Sabbath celebrations and having this day bubble up and pour out on our neighbors, on the needy, on the widow, on the orphan, on the stranger, on the world.

I don't post too many pictures of our friends (KC's and mine). I think it's because I feel a lot more comfortable about putting a camera in a kid's face rather than an my friends. I don't want to be annoying, and kids either like the camera and make faces or they really just don't notice you.
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