Monday, November 3, 2008

the boys.

Delicous Lewis. This boy is very emotional. It's true that he is very cheerful most of the time, but when he falls, or if you take something away from him, or if he sees me walk out of the room, he will let you know that he does not approve. He throws his head back and wails. KC and I look at each other and share humored and nervous laughter when he does this. Firstly, he's so cute when he cries and it's oddly charming. However, we're wondering what challenges this little emotional person is going to present to us. oh how we love him!
And then there were two. hmmmm, what's in store for these brothers, and for their mother?!
Colson can be so sweet sometimes, even though he struggles to understand what gentle means. I can say this though: he loves Lewis and is not afraid to tell him so and to kiss him and to bring him toys. (it's usually one that he doesn't mind not playing with). He doesn't understand why Lewis can't sleep in his bed with him at night or why I won't let him carry Lewis off into his room. He makes sure to remind me that "we don't want to leave Lewis" when we're about to run errands. I'm looking forward to these two being able to cruise together.
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Chris/ty said...

That is so cute. Makes me want more boys!

Jessica said...

Priceless!! Brotherly love. Colson is a very special little person.

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