Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Business of Standing - The Business of Mom

I'm finding that one reason taking pictures of my boys is so much fun for me is that it allows me to take a step back from the work, not even that, but to really enjoy the work. There is so much joy in this work of mother, I mean, look at these faces. This is my work! These children. These beautiful boys. It's wonderful. Photographing them allows me to step into the beauty of their little lives and to enjoy the magic of raising them and making our home lovely. It's easy to get used to them, to get accustomed to little voices and stories and silliness and standing babies. We are a forgetful people. And these little munchkins I get to spend my days with are absolutely magic. The lens of my camera, oddly enough, helps me to look into that color and magic and joy.
Speaking of joy, it's something I have to work on. Who doesn't? But we are seeking to raise our boys steeped in a joyful and sweet aroma. Jesus has given us jobs to do and much to be awed by along the way. If we close our eyes to the beauty around us, for me, the tasks before me look more like drudgery. That's not what I want them remembering about their childhood. I don't want them ever feeling like a burden to Mom. Maybe a camera is simply a mercy for aiding me in giving my life away, and doing it willingly, cheerfully, in remembering that I am God's. And God is good. My job is to obey the Lord in this way. And if this is not what my children see in me, then there is no reason they should receive instruction from me without rolling eyes and stomping feet.
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becca said...

Your attitude is beautiful and I thank you for your words of perspective.

Jessica said...

Look out Mom. The motors are churning, the engine is revving. pretty soon the rubber will be burning and you'll be eating his dust!! teehee!!

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