Friday, November 21, 2008

something Goo, somethings new.

Sometimes we call Lewis, "Gooey." Look at him. That's why I left his head cut off in the pic. He is Gooey. And yummy. He's butter. He's chocolate. I'm altogether in love with this little Gooey munchkin man. Seriously, almost too much for me to handle.
Colson took this picture. Not too bad eh?
And this picture was taken with my new camera lens. I'm entirely pumped to have it. KC bought me an early Christmas gift. I'm so thankful. I waited for it all day today to come in the mail and it didn't come until 3:30ish. It gets dark at 4 around these neck of the woods so I was shouting at colson to get his jacket on and come climb the hill behind our home so I could test this bad-boy lens out. Look at the depth of field! ***Insert singing**** You can see I missed the focus on this and it's hitting his jacket rather than his face. Oh joy! That's how touchy this lens is. I can't wait until the sun rises tomorrow morning.
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Chris/ty said...

I love the Goo! He is just precious.

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