Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home for Christmas

We had quiet the adventurous trip West for Christmas. We passed through the blizzard in the Gorge only hours before it was closed for 3 days. We miraculously got out of my folks' rural snowed-in driveway after spinning out in studded snow tires and chains (we even broke the chains before we got out). The credit there goes to my highly-experienced Father who knows a thing or two about maneuvering his way through some nasty conditions. We spend 24 hours without power (Jenni, we're lucky, i know you went a week). But we made it and had a blast, the best time yet. Well, all for the exception that the weather prevented us from seeing all of my family, of which I was super bummed about.
My mom taught me to knit. I'm excited about it and made my first very imperfect scarf for Colson. Thanks mom!
Colson loves spending time with family. It makes my job as mom really, really easy. He's so distracted with playing he doesn't even think about all of his normal routines or needs. It's great fun for us all.

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