Friday, January 9, 2009

One More for Tonight, I Can't Help Myself.

Look at those wrinkles! This child's extras are my pride and joy. I just love a baby I can grab onto.

Love these Chubby Sides


Mark and Chris said...


Mom said...

I want to munch my grand baby. He is so edible. I love to see the roles also. Love you

Joe, Jess, and Joy said...

Hey KariAnn,
This is Jessica Greenwood. I don't know if you remember me, but we took Baptist Heritage together at WB. I was also Danae and Katie's Roomie and Married Joe Greenwood. Anyway, I found your blog through the Officer's blog and have been enjoying your pictures ever since. I so loved your posting on "what is in your camera bag." If you have time once in a while I would love to learn some of the techniques you use to capture pics such as this one usig lighting, shutter speed, and apeture. Or...if you have any helpful websites? Keep having fun with those sweet boys!

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