Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Age of Men

Today marks the dawn of a new era.

Colson was sitting with me reading a story about a young prince who saves the love of his life, the princess (of course), from a fierce and deadly dragon by cleaving his head. Mid-story we heard the oh-so-familiar roar of the coming garbage truck. I paused as I expected Colson to do what he does every time he hears this garbage truck: ditch me (or whatever he's doing) and run out the door to watch the garbage man do his thing with our apartment dumpster. Not only does he watch the garbage man, but he waves at him frantically and yells, "Hi Garbage Man!" This happens faithfully, twice a week. The garbage man waves back, just as faithful. They have a little relationship of this.

Today, however, as I paused and waited for my boy to jump off my lap, he didn't move. "What's that?" I asked. To which he coolly replied, "A garbage truck." He didn't budge. He didn't say another word. He was waiting for me to continue the story. And so I did.

Cars and Trucks were Colson's first tangible, material obsession: back when truck was pronounced "Kuck! Kuck! KUCK! KUCK!..etc...!" And he'd go on like that until you audibly acknowledged that he did indeed see a "Kuck." This obsession has continued on, but as of late has been slowly dying. Today seemed to officially mark the end of this fixation.

This story of heroism has been creeping in to his little brain and he can't get on without it anymore. What I would give to climb into his little brain for awhile and watch the story unfold in his little play-world imagination. He's a hero. He's a prince. He's a dragon slayer, a warrior. I have a feeling there will be no turning back.

This is Colson. The boy is on a mission.


Anonymous said...

As opposed to Colson who uses a "k" to say "truck", my niece used to use an "f". It always made heads turn. A.

Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

As opposed to Colson who uses a "k" to say "truck", my niece used to use an "f". It always made heads turn. K.

KeriAnn said...

wow. you guys must be related.
I'm glad Colson used a "K"

Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

I had to put it just to see if people would think we were related!!! Just a little funny!!! I loved Colson's bungee cord around his chest to keep his backpack on!!! It was really funny to a degree to hear Jasmine say the word "truck!!!!!" =)

Sarah said...

KeriAnn! Thank you for you comment on my blog :) I have to tell you that I'm LOVING your photography. Hazel's photos and the ones of your sweet boys. I'm very very impressed. We're going to have to discuss a Mortimore family photo session. Do you work in trade? Need a new bag??? -Sarah

Anonymous said...

i don't care if you're a blood relative, there's something called plagiarism. :) A.

KeriAnn said...

Kathleen? Kathleen, are you there? What say you?


Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

You just read my mind before I could write it in words! I figured why not say the words that you said since you wrote it before me, after all we do have the same niece.

Why is KC going to Myanmar? Are you able to go with him? Hope you had a great day with the family! =)

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