Thursday, April 30, 2009

Standing on His Own Two Feet

Look who finally decided to start walking:

Finally walking

A Proud Daddy:
Proud Daddy
Lewis' little personality is really blossoming right now. It must be Spring! He's been so cute and funny, and so different than his big brother.
He loves snuggles and loves from his mama.
He's getting interested more and more in strangers.
He eats just as much or more than his big brother! And eats faster than he does too. This kid is not messing around when it comes to food.
He's no pro in the walking department. I love these toddling months.
Lewis growles. Sometimes I think I'm giong to die from it, it's so cute.
He loves being around his big brother and sneeking off to his room to play with him.
We snuggle in the mornings, every morning, in my bed. It's one of my favorite times of the day.
A Proud Daddy of Another Monkey:
with Daddy Menlo Park
Colson continues to suprise us with his vocabulary and funny phrases. He's amazing. I am so proud of him.
....gotta run!!!!
Rejoice with us, as this is KC's last day of work in manufacturing! God is good.


The Timmerman's said...

You are one blessed woman with those boys, Ker. They are so adorable...and I'm suprised you haven't ACTUALLY eaten them up yet. :) Glad to hear of the new and exciting plans God has for you guys.

Jessica said...

Yeah for Lewis!! Soon he'll be running after his big brother. Look out Colson! got your msg yesterday. I was pickin maddie up from school. Can't wait to see you REALLY soon!! So excited!!

gina said...

Little boys are charming. I dig Lewis' jeans wearing technique. Can't wait to see him and his in the flesh.
Gina from darkest Oregon

Elisabeth said...


Anonymous said...

Soooo happy you're moving so close! We need to get together!

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