Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks to Tyler Florence: It's what's for dinner.


I have made this once before and it was a big hit. Yum! I'm excited. It's a welcome change from all the mexican food we've been eating lately.

*Confession: I don't make the tarter sauce myself. It's just easier to buy a bottle of it. Maybe if I tried homemade I'd be a changed woman? Any thoughts or experience of your own on the subject of homemade tarter sauce?


Jen Green said...

If you plan the evening meal early in the day and you need tartar sauce, make it then because homemade is best chilled. I make my homemade tartar with dill relish, mmmmm!

Christy said...


KeriAnn said...

Jen, the dill relish in the sauce sounds great!

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