Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some pictures before Grandma gets mad!

We are loving our new home here in Eugene. The boys are loving the backyard, and I'm loving that they love the backyard too. Like yesterday, when I had raw poultry juice all over my hands they entertained themselves out there and reduced my juggling of little boys and raw chicken (which is always welcome).

Lewis wakes up with the cutest bedhead in the mornings. I love it. Here is a small peak at it:

in the backyard with bedhead

The ferocious beast, Lewis:


I'm not sure what kind of mad face this is. But it's typical.

And this one i love because it's so genuine. And boys in bug pajamas are irresistable. Thanks to Q for the hand-me-down.

Oregon, we are all loving you, but who doesn't in June?
spring rain2


The Finch's said...

Where are pictures of you? The boys are getting so big!!!! Have the boys adjusted to being in Oregon again full time? I guess Colson would be the only one adjusting since he was born in Oregon. Did you and KC buy a house or renting? I am glad that God placed you in the middle of both sets of grandparents that way they can meet you in the middle!!! How are you feeling and doing? I am glad that you are able to be back closer to family, friends, and enjoy the beautiful weather that we have had. Hope you are having an awesome day! =)

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how big they are! Lewis definitely is his own, though. He doesn't look a whole lot like Colson to me right now. Yeah for a backyard!! :)

Christine said...

We miss y'all so much! Every time I go outside I realize y'all are gone... (was that sad enough?)
P.S. Maggie says Hi!

Joanne said...

I'm glad you have to post pictures for grandm because I will never complain to you but I have missed seeing your boys :)

Natalie said...

Hi Mrs. R.!

Your photography is beautiful....I especially love the "ferocious beast" pictures:)

Have a good week,

Natalie P.

Sarah said...

Oregon in June is delightful. Are you loving the roses??? :)

Julie A said...

Hey lady. I want to come down and visit you pretty soon. I love the black and white picture of Lewis. His facial expression is adorable. Danny ordered me the fabulous 50 lens for my birthday a couple weeks ago but haven't received it yet. I am very excited...so much to learn though. Haven't had a lot of time to play around with the settings lately. Well I am glad that you are back in Oregon!! I know I am lovin it!

applesfour said...

I love the close up of Lewis' molar coming in. We miss you guys and are happy you're doing well. Keep up the lovely pictures, Kerri Ann!


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