Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, summertime. We are loving it. Finding my son outside looking like this is just perfect:


There are so many new things the boys are getting to enjoy, the warm weather together this season has opened up a brand new world. It's a pleasure to be able to see them do things like this:

Dear Lewis, I know you are going to be a tuff little bro. Look at that good-natured face while getting shoveled over by your big brother. Keep up the good work, child. Your Mommy is proud.

That's it, RUN, my pigeon toed toddler, as fast as you can!


And down he goes again:


But look at the joy:


And so it goes until someone get's hurt, or else finds a ladybug in the grass. Jackpot:

We had Colson's cousin Q over for a few days last week. He loves my boys and they love him. In fact, having him freed me up so much to be able to do things around the house that I normally don't get a chance to do. Look at this handsome boy:

Q Dog

Q and Col

And this photo, to me, is perfection. Not because it's technically perfect, by any means, but because it sooooo fitting. Colson, what am I going to do with you?

KC and boys Q

A dear friend is getting married soon, very soon, hence the tux. A 4-year-old in a tuxedo is irresistable.


Speaking of irresistable:


Lewis, oh!!!! Why do you charm me so?


I am enjoying this age tremendously with him. I am thankful for the camera and the ability to capture some of this magic, in part, at least. It will help me remember later.
thumb sucker

These are good times. I am a full mama and wife. I can feel the Lord's blessing on us, by His grace, no doubt, and I'm filled with thanksgiving.



Jessica said...

BEAUTIFUL images my sister, BEAUTIFUL family!! Let's plan a time to get together. I'll come to you this time ;)

Ellie Snider said...

Those pictures are priceless. That first one of Colson is hilarious. It shows boyhood at its fullest!

Joanne said...

I love you pictures and your comments. I just smile and thank God I got to know you for a while and can watch your children grow. the one with the tux and tennis shoes, the one with all the guys, I could go on and on with all of them

J Yo said...

These pictures are incredible. Can't wait to see that boy in his tux!! :)

Julie A said...

Stop putting up pictures that are so stinkin cute it hurts to look at them. Looks like your boys are enjoying the summer. I can't wait until your little baby girl is here. I love having two girls now. We need to have a play date. I will give you a call soon.

christy said...

Oh my... these make me want another boy. BAD. :) Case needs someone to push over!

They are just adorable. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into your life. It's just beautiful.

BrownTown said...

Thanks for some photo updates.

Clearly your mild offense to my documentary-like video on the joys of birth demonstrates your spiking hormone levels. I'm only trying to be a good friend and remind you what pregnancy is like. Perhaps I went too far but come one, I was with elementary school children and we were there for learning purposes. And they only use chains on humans if the baby is REALLY big.

Which reminds pregnant are you now? Give me some fat pictures you sexy mama. Miss you and your children.

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