Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Colson Quotes

Colson: I'm hungry. Would you please be so kind as to give me something to eat?

Me: No. I'm sorry you are hungry and that you didn't eat enough at lunch.

C: I forgive you. [insert pause] So then can I have something?

Me: Still, no.

Me: Colson, you may not take that knife from Lewis. (duh, it's plastic).

Colson: Lewis, may I have that knife? [Lewis turns away] Lewis, don't commit adultery. Don't steal. Lewis?

Colson: Hey Dad, if I were to cut off a bad guys legs with a sword, or a knife, then he wouldn't be able to get me.


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Tim said...

I always smile or laugh outloud when I'm reading your blog! Also, I loved your post on Oct.1st. I absolutely LOVE those moments right before baby. The brief pause where you nearly want to hold your breath waiting for this amazing breathtaking moment. There's really nothing like it and YES our calling is right in front of us. How simple and blessed this time is. I believe you in Moscow or heading our way soon. Hope to see you :) - Sarah

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