Monday, December 14, 2009

Of Fairy Tales, Star Wars, and Corn Dogs, Of Course.

There is something about finding humor in my children that helps me to love on them more. When I am unable to see the humor and delight in them, I'm unable to be patient and gracious. For me, seeing the humor in their little quirks and quotes is crucial to not being a long-faced mother. Heaven forbid! I know it happens, God forgive me as that's the last thing I want for them.

Hence, the Colson quotes and writings of their funny little personalities. Isn't our God a playful God to write the stories of children? They are so....unconventional! So bear with me as I share these things with you all, these things that keep me cheerful with the knee-high population dwelling amongst us.


Colson saw me after I was ready for church on Sunday and proclaimed: "You look beautiful! More beautiful than the Wicked Queen! (gasp) But that's ok. Because she's not here. You won't be killed."

Isn't it funny how children's minds are caught up in fairy tales and stories? I need more of this in my own life. The children's stories are good for me too!


Colson: I'm glad baby sister is born now. She looks like she loves me.

with big brother

Colson: Good job drinking baby sister. Good job. You have another one right here for you to have.


Me: Question, Colson. Would you like cereal or bagel for breakfast?

Colson: How about corn dogs?

Really, corn dogs? What is a mother to do?


And finally a quote from Lewis and Caroline.

Caroline: waaaahhhh, waaaaaaahhhhh, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! ect.

Lewis: Bebe, no, bebe


Lewis, oh Lewis, he is still so much a baby. He loves to cuddle up with "Mama" and "Dada". He doesn't talk much yet, words here and there and gibberish followed my a knowing look, as if he's carrying on a very serious conversation. He follows his brother around with star wars figures and a light saber and can wield that thing impressively for his little stature. He's altogether cute. He loves playing with anything ball and is doing an impressive job staying clear from our christmas tree bulbs. He saw one break; maybe the sharp edges were enough to scare him away. He out eats his brother, both in quantity and in speed. He loves his food, although he's such a little peanut you'd never know it. He's taking to his sister well and likes to kiss her sweetly on the head. He also likes to steal her paci and put it in his own mouth, although he never did like one himself as a babe. He gets so excited when he eats his daily gummy bear vitamin or gets to see his Papa or Grandpa and lets you know it with a hearty "YEAH!!!!"


Everyone told me he would seem this way, and they were right. He did seem HUGE after holding and caring for little Caroline. But when I step back and look at him toddling around, he's still so very tender and little, in need of lots of lovin' and attention. And I'm happy to give it, except when it's time to get ready for church on Sunday mornings. Thank you baby einstein for allowing me to get ready for church each Sunday.


And now my rambling shall come to a halt.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Caroline does have another drinking fountain. Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs (as always0.

Jessica said...

Oh how those babies crack me up!! Keep them coming little ones!! Auntie Jess Loves you!!!

Anonymous said...
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gina said...

Whatever you do, don't ever halt your ramblings. They're wonderful.

christy said...

They are so adorable. That last picture of Lewis is the BEST.

Afaedion said...

Your sense of humor is something Jon and I have always admired about you - we notice how well it equips you to handle the little mishaps that always accompany kids, but it also makes you the fun family that you are!
We hope our kids will grow up in the same environment of good-humor and love!
Missing you guys - I can't believe how much the kids have grown!

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